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Neal Martin Joins Vinous

Frequently Asked Questions 

Last updated: November 20th, 2017, 10:00am EST

Q. When will Neal Martin officially join Vinous? 

A. Neal will join Vinous in early February 2018, after he completes outstanding assignments for The Wine Advocate. 

Q. How will the Editorial team be organized in terms of coverage:

A: Vinous Editorial Team 2018:

Antonio Galloni – Bordeaux, Napa Valley, Sonoma, Santa Cruz Mountains, Santa Barbara, Piedmont, Tuscany (except Brunello di Montalcino), Champagne and Burgundy

Stephen Tanzer: Burgundy, Washington, Argentina, Napa Valley

Neal Martin: Bordeaux, Burgundy, South Africa, New Zealand, Vintage Port, Madeira, Tokaji and English sparkling wine

Josh Raynolds: Spain, Rhône, Languedoc, Roussillon, Provence, Oregon, Australia, Paso Robles, Santa Lucia Highlands and Chile

Ian D’Agata: Central and Southern Italy, Northern Italy (Except Piedmont), Brunello di Montalcino, Alsace and Canada 

David Schildknecht: Austria, Germany and the Loire Valley

Q. How will Bordeaux coverage be handled?

A. At Vinous, our goal is to provide readers with the greatest breadth of coverage of Bordeaux wines available anywhere in the world. With that in mind, Neal and Antonio will author complete, separate and independent reports of Bordeaux en primeur and in bottle. Both Neal and Antonio will publish thematic articles, including verticals and vintage retrospectives, that focus on mature vintages and iconic wines. Neal and Antonio will also dedicate time to uncovering the finest values in Bordeaux. Lastly, Neal is planning a series of profiles on specific châteaux and winemakers.

Q. How will Burgundy coverage be handled?

A. As with Bordeaux, with Burgundy, our objective is to provide insight on everything from the most coveted new releases to affordable, every day wines. Both Neal and Steve will continue to report on the new vintage in barrel. Neal will expand coverage of upcoming growers, the rising stars of the future. Neal will publish articles on vertical tastings and vintage retrospectives. As he has done since the mid 1980s, Steve will continue to publish extensive reviews of current-release Burgundy from bottle, as well as vintage retrospectives. Antonio will continue to publish verticals tastings and notes on older wines. Josh Reynolds will continue to cover Beaujolais. 

Q. What are the plans for South Africa?

A. Neal will be visiting South Africa later this year and continue to dedicate just as much time to the dynamic Cape wine scene.

Q. Will we see an increase in new articles on Vinous?

A. Yes. Our editorial team is busier than ever. Freed from the constraints of traditional print media, Neal will be publishing frequently on Vinous. His contributions will range from smaller articles to longer in-depth pieces, all of which will incorporate photography and, where appropriate, videos. 

Q.  Will we see a change in Neal’s writing style? 

A. No. Vinous has always given our editors full creative freedom and encouraged them to write in their own personal styles. Neal will continue to write in the unique voice that has won him so many admirers around the world.

Q. Will we see the return of columns that Neal created in the past? 

A. Yes. Neal will be bringing back the monthly music recommendations he has done since 2003 (with a suggested wine to accompany the listening experience). Who knows, we may also see an occasional music column from Antonio as well.

Q.  Will any of Neal's articles be free-to-view for non-subscribers?

Guests to the Vinous website have several free clicks and views, which include the option to read the main body of articles and to watch videos. An active subscription is required to read reviews.

Q  Will Neal's reviews be available on the Delectable and Vinous Apps?

A. Yes. All reviews on Vinous are published simultaneously across the Vinous website and Vinous app for Vinous subscribers. The Delectable App is regularly updated with professional Vinous content, which is viewable by all readers with a Vinous Classic (or above) subscription (linking of accounts is required).

Q.  Will Neal's scores and reviews be available to Vinous subscribers on CellarTracker?

Yes. Vinous has a longstanding partnership with CellarTracker. Vinous Classic (and above) subscribers can link their accounts with CellarTracker to view Vinous reviews and ratings for wines in their cellars. Vinous reviews and ratings are updated in CellarTracker approximately once a quarter.

Q. What Subscription Options Does Vinous Offer?

A. Vinous offers several subscription options:
Vinous Mobile: Access to Vinous iOS/Android Apps Only; Wine-Searcher listings on Vinous Apps. From $7.99 per month to $59.99 for 12 months.
Vinous Classic One Year: Full access to and iOS/Android Apps; Delectable Premium upgrade included and CellarTracker compatible; Links to Wine-Searcher Pro listings. $120 per year.
Vinous Premium: 
All the benefits of Vinous Classic including full access to, iOS/Android Apps plus priority access to events and tastings. $210 per year.
Vinous Pro: Required subscription plan for members of the wine trade. All the benefits of Vinous Classic plus the right to use Vinous content for commercial purposes. $200 per year for the first user, $100 for each additional user.

Read the full press release announcing that Neal Martin will join Vinous, here