Vinous in the Kitchen: The Pride of Piedmont: Brasato al Barolo, May 2020

"I can’t say that my Brasato al Barolo is anywhere near as good as the one I enjoyed in the home of a Piedmontese producer, where the matriarch has been using the same preparations that have been passed down for generations, and what I wouldn’t give to cook alongside that woman and learn her method. However, I will do my best to teach you about a dish that I love, which satisfies on so many levels. Taking a simple Chuck Roast and turning it into the richest, most flavorful, fall-off-the-fork delicacy you’ve ever experienced. Oh, but don’t forget the sauce, based off of the same wine that was used in the braise. So, grab a bottle of Barolo and get ready, because once you’ve made your own Brasato al Barolo, there will be no going back." Eric Guido, Vinous © 2020 Vinous Media LLC