Vinous in the Kitchen: Secret to the Perfect Seared Salmon, May 2020

"As a lover of all things meat, and being a huge fan of grilling and pan-seared steaks, there is no other fish that speaks to my soul as well as a seared piece of salmon. Salmon provides a hearty, flavorful, and texturally seductive experience, which bridges the gap between sea and land. However, like nearly everyone else, this was one of the most intimidating preparations for me to start making at home. I would spend attempt after attempt trying to understand how to get that perfect sear without overcooking, sticking to the pan, tearing the skin, or mutilating the meat itself. I tried every manner of non-stick cookware, which helped with the sticking, yet it still failed to properly sear. I then gave up on the sear for a while and resorted to the boiler, which provided a crispy exterior, yet usually an overcooked interior, and the skin side was never quite right..." Eric Guido, Vinous