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Feeling Colossal - David Grega

Loam Baby, United States: California

R.H. Drexel, Nov 2015

David Grega fought in the Iraq war and returned with PTSD, TBI’s (traumatic brain injuries) and other injuries. His colleagues told me that Grega had healed himself by becoming a winemaker. This is his story.

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Ka-Ching: The Wine House, Los Angeles, CA

Loam Baby

R.H. Drexel, Nov 2015

Join R.H. Drexel as she visits with wine retailers around the nation and explores their respective shops and philosophies.


Loam Baby: Philippe Melka

Loam Baby, United States: California

R.H. Drexel, Oct 2015

Philippe Melka is one of the most respected wine consultants in the United States. Some of his clients, past and present, include Dana Estates, Moone-Tsai, Brand, Hundred Acre, Dalle Valle and Bryant Family Vineyards, to name just a handful. When I sat down to chat with Philippe Melka earlier this year, I felt I should apologize to him for some inexplicable reason, for an article that had appeared in the Wall Street Journal about wine consultants just prior to our interview.

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Loam Baby: Chris Hammell

Loam Baby, featured

R.H. Drexel, Oct 2015

It takes a certain breed of man to yield to the land. We’re all at the mercy of Mother Nature day in and day out, but some of us feel it more than others. When you farm for a living, a sense of abiding respect for the land informs everything you do. You don’t get too cocky about anything you’ve grown because you know it’s a bit of a lark—it’s your hard work meeting the good graces of Mother Nature.

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Loam Baby: The Presence of Bob Varner

Loam Baby, featured, United States: California

R.H. Drexel, Oct 2015

When I ask Bob Varner if having been born in the Midwest informs his approach to winegrowing, winemaking and the business of selling wine, he says flatly, “Um. No. I don’t think so.” It’s a perfectly Midwestern answer – plainspoken and achingly uncomplicated. Still, his honest, straightforward manner belies a man of ambitious, sweeping enological dreams.