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Vinous Table: Taverna del Capitano, Nerano, Italy

Italy, Vinous Table

Ian D'Agata, Jul 2018

Taverna del Capitano is one of Italy’s best restaurants. Located right in front of the mesmerizingly blue waters of the Amalfi Coast, Taverna del Capitano is also one of the most beautiful too.

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Vinous Table: Osteria dell’Ingegno, Rome, Italy

Vinous Table

Ian D'Agata, Jul 2018

Osteria dell’Ingegno is a typical Roman neighborhood eatery that locals flock to. Most often, there is nary a tourist in sight. Ingegno is a haven of solidly cooked food, and offers a very good selection of intelligently chosen wines.

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Vinous Table: Shang Palace, Hong Kong, China

China, Vinous Table

Ian D'Agata, Jun 2018

A lovely place for lunch I will be happy to go back to again, Shang Palace is an award-winning Hong Kong restaurant that offers a very good dim sum. The wine list is good and varied but, could use more focus.

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Mountain Magic: The Wines of Valle d’Aosta

featured, Italy: North

Ian D'Agata, Jun 2018

The calling cards of Valle d’Aosta wines are freshness and purity. Unfortunately, production for most of the better wines is tiny. Unmistakable mountain quality makes these among my favorite Italian wines.

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Exploring Italy’s 2017 Rosatos

featured, Italy

Ian D'Agata, Jun 2018

Italy offers an amazing range of rosé wines, the permutations of which are like those of no other country in the world. The relentlessly hot growing season of 2017 posed challenges for winemakers and winery owners. Even so, readers will find plenty to choose from.

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Vinous Table: Il Cascinale Nuovo, Isola d'Asti, Italy

Italy: Piedmont, Piedmont, Italy

Ian D'Agata, May 2018

One of Piedmont’s historic dining spots, Il Cascinale Nuovo celebrates its fiftieth birthday this year. My latest visit shows this historic spot to be none the worse for wear.

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Alsace Continued: A New Generation Arises

featured, France: Alsace

Ian D'Agata, May 2018

In Alsace, a new generation of young winemakers is starting to take over the roles of their parents at a number of family domaines. The result is a bevy of fresh, exciting wines that are well worth exploring.

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Friuli Venezia Giulia: A Wine Smorgasbord

featured, Italy: North

Ian D'Agata, May 2018

No other region in Italy offers as large a selection of outstanding white wines from so many different grape varieties as Friuli Venezia Giulia does, while the region’s native red grapes yield wines that are equally distinctive.

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Vinous Table: A Guide to Venice’s Best Bacari, Venice, Italy

Vinous Table

Ian D'Agata, May 2018

I live in Venice anywhere from one weekend to one week a month. There is nothing in the world I like more than a good “bacaro”, the city’s historic standing bars where patrons order and drink directly at the bar counter. Over the years many bacari have expanded, also offering table service more in the style of the city’s osterie).

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Bucci Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico Riserva Villa Bucci

Verticals & Retrospectives, featured, Italy

Ian D'Agata, May 2018

The Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Villa Bucci Riserva is one of Italy’s top white wines, and also ages splendidly. It’s also a bottling of significant historic importance – the first to reveal the huge potential of the Verdicchio grape and its wines to Italy and the world.