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Lazio: New Vintages, New Discoveries

Italy: Center & South, featured

Ian D'Agata, Jun 2019

Lazio’s finest estates are making wines of a level that was unthinkable just a few years ago. Though still mostly under the radar, be they white, red, pink, sparkling or sweet, a number of Lazio’s wines are truly world-class.

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Vinous Table: Ca’ D’Oro Alla Vedova, Venice, Italy

Italy, Vinous Table

Ian D'Agata, Jun 2019

Ca d’Oro, known locally as Alla Vedova, is one of Venice’s most historic osterias. Located in the trendy Cannaregio sestriere, Ca d’Oro is famous for its polpette, an absolutely iconic dish, and one of the main reasons why locals and tourists flock here.

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Vinous Table: L’Ancrage, Saint-Malo, France

France, Vinous Table

Ian D'Agata, May 2019

L’Ancrage, in Saint-Malo’s very pretty old town, is nobody’s idea of a snooty dining destination, and that sits perfectly fine with the restaurant’s patrons, who flock to it in droves, happy in the knowledge that they will eat and drink well for a song.

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Vinous Table: Studio at the Standard, København, Denmark

Denmark, Vinous Table

Ian D'Agata, May 2019

Hip and magically located right on the water, Studio at the Standard is routinely voted one of Denmark’s five best restaurants. Absolutely nothing about my latest visit leads me to believe such fame is undeserved.

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Think Pink: Still More 2018 Italian Rosatos

featured, Italy

Ian D'Agata, May 2019

Italy is characterized by a huge diversity of rosatos, made from a rainbow of colorful grape varieties, in many different styles. Unlike most other countries, Italy offers numerous takes on pink wines, not just the ultra-pale and delicate rosé style currently popular all over the world.

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Vinous Table: La Barrique, Rome, Italy

Italy, Vinous Table

Ian D'Agata, May 2019

La Barrique is a typical Roman osteria, the sort of dining place the Eternal City does so amazingly well. Hearty, flavorful food, in a warm, easygoing environment, coupled with a choice of many wonderful, fairly priced bottles, is the recipe for never-ending success.

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Vinous Table: Le Calandre, Veneto, Italy

Italy: North, Vinous Table

Ian D'Agata, May 2019

Nobody does modern Italian cuisine better than the Alajmo family of Le Calandre, the multi-awarded, ultra-famous restaurant just outside Padova. An excellent wine list, great service and a refined environment all contribute to the magic.

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Think Pink: Italy’s Lively 2018 Rosatos

featured, Italy

Ian D'Agata, May 2019

In this first installment of a two-part series devoted to Italy’s almost infinite offering of Rosatos, the country’s penchant for making delicious pink wines from myriad different grape varieties is confirmed.

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Vinous Table: Xin Rong Ji, Huangpu

Vinous Table

Ian D'Agata, Apr 2019

Xin Rong Ji is an upmarket restaurant with multiple locations in Shanghai, specializing in award-winning Taizhou cuisine. The stylish but comfortable ambience and the stellar food make Xin Rong Ji one of my top discoveries of 2018’s dining adventures.

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Restaurant Koehler – Auberge du Cheval Blanc, Westhalten, France

France: Alsace, Vinous Table

Ian D'Agata, Apr 2019

Restaurant Koehler – Auberge du Cheval Blanc, in the pretty Alsace town of Westhalten, strives for excellence but falls down on details that it must correct if it hopes to become a must-stop on any sybarite’s journey.