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Ronco del Gelso Pinot Grigio Sot lis Rivis 2006 – 2015

featured, Verticals & Retrospectives, Italy: North

Ian D'Agata, Oct 2017

Ronco del Gelso’s wines belong in the top tier of their respective categories. The Pinot Grigio Sot lis Rivis is an especially noteworthy white that once again proves that Italy’s best examples of its oft-maligned yet incredibly popular Pinot Grigio can be world-class drinks.

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Miani Ribolla Gialla Pettarin: 2000 – 2015

featured, Verticals & Retrospectives

Ian D'Agata, Dec 2017

For my money, Miani proprietor Enzo Pontoni makes Italy’s greatest white wines. None of Pontoni’s other wines showcase his amazing talent more than the Ribolla Gialla. Concentrated and complex yet also crystalline, Pontoni’s Ribolla is light years ahead of everyone else’s.

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Friuli: It Is What It Is, Part 1

featured, Italy: North

Antonio Galloni, Jun 2015

Friuli’s oenological landscape is one of the most diverse and multi-faceted in Italy. An extraordinary range of sites and microclimates, along with influences from neighboring Slovenia and Austria, yields wines that at their best are compelling. That is the good news.

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Friuli Venezia Giulia: A Wine Smorgasbord

featured, Italy: North

Ian D'Agata, May 2018

No other region in Italy offers as large a selection of outstanding white wines from so many different grape varieties as Friuli Venezia Giulia does, while the region’s native red grapes yield wines that are equally distinctive.

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Miani: New Releases & More

featured, Italy: North

Antonio Galloni, Mar 2017

These new releases from Miani and proprietor Enzo Pontoni show that Friuli’s most inspired, quality-obsessed grower continues to push the boundaries with brilliant whites and reds that showcase the pedigree of the region’s best sites.

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Ronchi di Cialla's Schioppettino di Cialla: 1982-2010

featured, Italy: North

Ian D'Agata, Jun 2017

Friuli Venezia Giulia’s Schioppettino is one of the world’s most interesting and potentially great red grape varieties. Schioppettinos are especially characterized by an enticing green peppercorn note that is extremely typical and juicy, bright, mid-weight frames. Ronchi di Cialla’s Schioppettino is an iconic and historic wine in the true sense of those words, and Italy’s finest expression of the grape.

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Miani Redux – Calvari: 1995-2008 and a Preview of the 2009s

Italy: North, Verticals & Retrospectives, featured, Italy

Antonio Galloni, Jun 2010

Miani is one of the crown jewels in the world of wine. Proprietor Enzo Pontoni excels with a range of both whites and reds that are typically monumental. That is the good news. The bad news is that Pontoni releases a mere 8,000 bottles from 18 hectares of vineyards, which means the wines are very hard to source. Yields are tiny and selection is Draconian, first in the vineyards and later in the cellar, where Pontoni is especially demanding when it comes what goes into the bottle. Last year I reported on a once in a lifetime vertical of Miani’s Merlot. This time around the focus was on the estate’s rarest wine, Calvari. Once again the results were stratospheric.

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The Essence of Merlot: Miani 1994-2006

Italy: North, Verticals & Retrospectives, featured, Italy

Antonio Galloni, Aug 2009

Miani is one of Italy’s cult properties, and with good reason. Proprietor Enzo Pontoni crafts some of the most profound, monumental wines readers are likely to come across. The range includes a number of compelling whites, two phenomenal Merlots and an equally majestic red from Refosco, the legendary Rosso Calvari, all made in miniscule quantities. Incredibly, this was the first comprehensive vertical tasting Pontoni had ever held of his Merlots. Because bottles have become extremely scarce – even in Pontoni’s own cellar – a number of wines were tasted from magnum, a format that is not commercially available. To say this was unforgettable tasting would be a colossal understatement, as the wines were brilliant in every way.

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Vinous Table: La Subida, Cormòns, Italy

Vinous Table

Antonio Galloni, Aug 2013

La Subida is one of ‘my don’t’ miss spots in Northern Italy. Located in the hills of Cormòns, in the heart of the Friulian Collio, La Subida captures so much of what makes the Collio such an interesting and intriguing region.

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Vinous Table: Tavernetta all’Androna, Grado, Italy

Vinous Table

Antonio Galloni, Aug 2013

Grado is one of the prettiest and most quaint towns in northern Italy. Located just off the main church, Tavernetta all’Androna remains the best place to enjoy the numerous bounties of the Adriatic.