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Cellar Favorite: 1964 Dom Pérignon - Original Release

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Antonio Galloni, Oct 2017

Wine lovers often debate which is the greatest vintage of the 1960s in Champagne. To be sure, it is a magical decade, with several candidates for that honor. Perhaps even more importantly though, the 1960s mark a sort of transition into modern times in Champagne.

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Cellar Favorite: 1971 Dom Ruinart

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Antonio Galloni, Sep 2017

Dom Ruinart flies under the radar relative to many of its peers, but it is one of the most compelling Champagnes in the market.

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Cellar Favorite: 1990 Jacques Selosse Brut Blanc de Blancs

France: Champagne, Cellar Favorites

Antonio Galloni, Aug 7

Seldom seen today, Anselme Selosse’s 1990 Brut Blanc de Blancs has become one of the rarest of all Champagnes.

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Cellar Favorite: 2004 Roses de Jeanne Rose de Saignée Le Creux d'Enfer

France: Champagne, Cellar Favorites

Antonio Galloni, Jul 2017

Cédric Bouchard’s Champagnes have been among my favorite wines from anywhere in the world since I first tasted them about ten years ago.

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Champagne: The 2017 Summer Preview

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Antonio Galloni, Jul 2017

Champagne lovers will find a number of compelling new releases in the market this summer. Once confined mostly to celebrations and special events, Champagne continues to grow in popularity as a wine to drink year-round. And why not? Champagne is one of the most versatile wines in the world. Best of all, consumers have never had more choices across the entire stylistic spectrum.

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Selosse – Lieux-Dits Dinner at NoMad

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Antonio Galloni, Jul 2017

Anselme Selosse’s wines are among the most coveted bottles in Champagne. In recent years, Selosse’s lieu-dit Champagnes have ascended into the realm of the nearly unobtainable because of their tiny production. Two of the lieux-dits are sold only as part of the 300 or so boxed sets that are released each year, which makes tasting all six Champagnes together virtually impossible. This unforgettable dinner featured the entire collection of lieux-dits, along with a number of Selosse classics.


Roederer Cristal: That ’70s Show

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Antonio Galloni, Jun 2017

I have had many memorable tastings at Roederer over the years, but this vertical of Cristals from the 1970s might go down as the most remarkable yet. For the occasion, longtime Chef de Caves Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon pulled out all of the Cristals of the 1970s, nine wines in total, all of which we tasted from the original disgorgements. The wines were moving for their extraordinary beauty.


Cellar Favorites: 1973 Krug Vintage & Krug Collection

France: Champagne, Cellar Favorites

Antonio Galloni, Apr 2017

It is always illuminating to taste the original release of Krug’s Vintage Champagne next to the late release. For this fun, informal tasting, the bottles were covered so as to remove any preconceived notions about the qualities of the two wines, but that turned out to be an unnecessary exercise, as it was plainly evident to all which wine was which.

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Cellar Favorite: 1991 Vilmart & Cie Brut Cœur de Cuvée

France: Champagne, Cellar Favorites

Antonio Galloni, Apr 2017

What a treat it is to taste Vilmart’s 1991 Cœur de Cuvée. Proprietor Laurent Champs opened two bottles on my most recent visit. The first was a relatively recent disgorgement from 2013, the second was the original disgorgement from 1999. I much preferred the original release, which was, paradoxically, far fresher and more nuanced than the late release.

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2016 Champagne: Harvest Report

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Antonio Galloni, Apr 2017

My annual spring tastings of vins clairs suggest 2016 is an uneven vintage in Champagne. The wines I tasted were on the softer, more open-knit side of things relative to how vins clairs show in the very best vintages. Of course, vins clairs will go through several transformations as they are blended and bottled to become Champagne, and then aged prior to being disgorged and ultimately released, a process that takes a minimum of a few years. These are some early observations.