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Cellar Favorite: 1948 Taylor Fladgate Vintage Port

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Neal Martin, May 2018

There is Vintage Port and then there is the 1948 Taylor Fladgate. It remains a monumental Port that towers over the 20th century. Nineteen forty-eight is perhaps one of the lesser-known declarations compared to 1945 and 1963, although nine houses declared that year. Michael Broadbent described that as an “error of judgment” given the quality of the vintage in retrospect. I have been fortunate to taste the 1948 Taylors on several occasions, encountering one or two perfect bottles along the way. “Christopher & Co” bottled my most recent encounter in 1950, British merchants bottling a lion’s share of production in those days.


Cellar Favorite: Blandy’s Madeira – Recent Releases

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Neal Martin, Mar 2018

My love affair with Madeira began whilst holidaying on the namesake Atlantic volcanic island in 2003, where in a pique of curiosity I ordered a 1927 Bual. Afterwards I understood why those with good taste revere this profound, time-buckling, ethereal and enigmatic wine. Madeira is so unfashionable it is the epitome of cool. These are the latest releases from Blandy's.

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Cellar Favorites: 1870 & 1970 Centenario Colheita Tawny Port

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Neal Martin, Feb 2018

One area I am particularly looking forward to getting my palate round once again are the great fortified wines of the Douro Valley: Vintage Ports, Colheita, Tawny and who knows, even those Crusted Ports.

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In Appreciation of Madeira


Antonio Galloni, Oct 2008

“I am sorry, but I hope you understand that we can only taste a few wines from the 1700s and 1800s,” says Richard Hales as he escorts me into the tasting room. Right. That’s how most of my tastings usually begin. Hales is the Wine Director of Asiate, the restaurant in New York’s Mandarin Oriental Hotel, and a longtime veteran of the company. Hales has prepared an incredible assortment of rare Madeiras for us to taste, many of them recent auction purchases. Few, if any, wines are as evocative as Madeiras, as it is nearly impossible not to wonder what was taking place in the world when they were being made. Readers who enjoy the complexity of fine, aged wines will find much to admire in these sublime, compelling Madeiras.

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New Releases from Portugal

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Josh Raynolds, Mar 2006

A surprising number of the top table wines coming out of Portugal today, especially from the Douro Valley, are priced at a level approaching and sometimes surpassing that of top Bordeaux crus and many of Napa’s cult cabernets

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2003 Vintage Ports

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Stephen Tanzer, Jan 2006

It is clear from my early tastings that 2003 will take its place among the outstanding port vintages of recent decades, along with such stellar years as 2000, 1997, 1994, 1977, 1970, 1966 and 1963

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2000 Vintage Ports

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Stephen Tanzer, Jan 2003

I approached the 2000 vintage ports with some skepticism, figuring that the millennium vintage would be widely declared even if it was a good rather than outstanding year for Portugal's Douro region.

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1999 Vintage Port

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Stephen Tanzer, Jul 2002

The highly irregular 1999 growing season in Portugal Douro Valley began with a very dry May and June that resulted in near-drought conditions in the vineyards through the end of an unusually hot July

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Best New Table Wines from Portugal

IWC, Portugal

Stephen Tanzer, May 2002

As an antidote to high Burgundy prices, I offer notes on some of the better Portuguese table wines currently available in the U

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Best New Table Wines from Portugal

IWC, Portugal

Stephen Tanzer, Mar 2001

My tastings of table wines from Portugal this winter turned up a healthy number of characterful, food-friendly wines that manage to be warm and inviting despite their often brisk acids and substantial tannins